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The New American Storytellers breaks the top 10 on iTunes!

When we started The New American Storytellers Podcast we had NO IDEA the response we would have. And it has been exciting to see a fairly new resource get so much traffic.

We are now on episode 3 and the podcast has already become the #3 most downloaded audio podcast in the iTunes TV & Film Category! Of course we intend to continue to grow the podcast and the resources available on The New American Storytellers in the coming months! We look forward to continuing the discussion on the creative process with you!

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The New American Storytellers Podcast!

All of us at Vinegar Hill are excited to announce the inaugural release of The New American Storytellers Podcast! Each week myself and the guys at Vinegar Hill will be discussing filmmaking, storytelling & the creative process.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss the importance of learning to watch movies to become better filmmakers & storytellers. Enjoy!


Episode 1: Learn To Watch Movies by NewStorytellersPodcast


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