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 The end our Kickstarter campaign is rapidly approaching and we decided we needed to do something extraordinary. And by that I mean by offering an extremely limited edition advance copy of the film on Blu-Ray DVD to 400 special backers at the price of a Blu-Ray DVD! (If you don't have a Blu-Ray player, don't worry! You can stream the film online and choose to receive a standard DVD copy of the film as well!)

Go to and back us for any amount and select the $25 reward. Current $50 and above backers can still get in on this once the campaign has ended by sending us a message saying "I WANT MY TWIN REFLEX."

Tell your friends and fans to back Twin Reflex by sending them this gloriously spammy message: 


There is of course, only a very few days left to this campaign. If we don't reach our goal by the 14th at 12:00 AM nobody will be charged, and we don't get a dime! Of course that means we won't have the funding we need to go into production in January, and we won't be able to offer these great perks! Which really sucks. So we need your help!

Tweet, email, facebook, and sky write to everyone you know about this opportunity to SAVE TWIN REFLEX. and do it fast!


Twin Reflex: Sneak into the editing suite!

Hey friends of Vinegar Hill! We are raising support for our Feature film in the works called TWIN REFLEX!

If you don't know about it already; go to to see the trailer and get the details! We have an exclusive offer to get involved in the production of our film in a unique (and low cost) way! Back Twin Reflex on Kickstarter for as little as $5 and get access to edited scenes of the film AS WE ARE EDITING. What's even more exciting is the more people you tell about this offer, the more of the film you get to see in your exclusive session!

Here's how to do it. 1) Become a backer! 2) follow @TwinReflexMovie on twitter. 3) Tweet this message exactly:

I just backed @TwinReflexMovie on #kickstarter. Sneak into the editing room with me (before the masses!) — #TwinReflex

That's it! You will get to see EVEN MORE scenes from the film the more people that name drop you when they become a backer! So be sure to tell your facebook followers and twitter fans!


The New American Storytellers Podcast!

All of us at Vinegar Hill are excited to announce the inaugural release of The New American Storytellers Podcast! Each week myself and the guys at Vinegar Hill will be discussing filmmaking, storytelling & the creative process.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss the importance of learning to watch movies to become better filmmakers & storytellers. Enjoy!


Episode 1: Learn To Watch Movies by NewStorytellersPodcast


Be Sure to follow The New American Storytellers on Twitter!




Last week we wrapped shooting on the first act of our super top secret feature film. The energy and dedication of the crew was phenomenal, as were the performances by our actors. I can't say much about the story though since David made me swear on my living mothers grave not give anything away yet.

Beyond that, it's a real movie folks, and we can't wait to tell (show) you more.

To tide over your presumably intense curiosity I thought I would introduce to you one of our most valuable team members. Blogoshpere meet Casper; My trusty iPad, loaded with Chris Bayol's well designed DSLR Slate App.


As 1st Camera Assistant during production & one of the editors of this film on Post I am already loving the decision to integrate this into production for logging & audio syncing purposes. The DSLR slate app is well designed for use with any camera so it easily enhanced our F3 workflow.

A great feature allows you to incorporate a lot of information in a quick burst when marking a take. This helps with those long term memory issues. (What lens were we using on this shot again? So..who was the director again? Etc.)



LE REVE RÉVEILLE — a new short film

LE REVE RÉVIELLE (the dream awakes)

We are pumped to officially premiere the new short film from our very own Shepherd Ahlers! He shot it in LA in December and totally rocked it!

We'd love to know what you think!

Oh, and we're giving away a BMW to the first 100 viewers...that was a lie.  But you'll feel like you won a BMW after watching it.

— David