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Last week we wrapped shooting on the first act of our super top secret feature film. The energy and dedication of the crew was phenomenal, as were the performances by our actors. I can't say much about the story though since David made me swear on my living mothers grave not give anything away yet.

Beyond that, it's a real movie folks, and we can't wait to tell (show) you more.

To tide over your presumably intense curiosity I thought I would introduce to you one of our most valuable team members. Blogoshpere meet Casper; My trusty iPad, loaded with Chris Bayol's well designed DSLR Slate App.


As 1st Camera Assistant during production & one of the editors of this film on Post I am already loving the decision to integrate this into production for logging & audio syncing purposes. The DSLR slate app is well designed for use with any camera so it easily enhanced our F3 workflow.

A great feature allows you to incorporate a lot of information in a quick burst when marking a take. This helps with those long term memory issues. (What lens were we using on this shot again? So..who was the director again? Etc.)